Below you will find some influential organizations which we (SoCal Aerospace Group) are very involved with and support and which in turn also support our Expo.  We are confident that with their help, we will together be successful at growing the SoCal Economy and bring additional business to the SoCal Supply Chain and help OEMs get greater value.

Aerospace States Association, is the Voice of Aerospace for the States- Where Government, Industry and Education Come Together. The CA Chapter meets regularly to bring legislators and industry together, and meets monthly during the year, including Aerospace Days in Sacramento (March) and also at SoCal Aerospace Expo (September 27th). ASA is an organization made up of state Lieutenant Governors, Governor - appointed delegates and associate members from the aerospace industry, academia, and non-profit organizations.

Los Angeles Mayor's Global Trade and  Investment Council

This Council of 11 executives was formed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to help Los Angeles and its vicinity to dramatically grow exports and foreign investment. We are currently identifying A&D companies who can benefit from what the city has to offer and second make available those resources while trying to understand their challenges and additionally develop a strategy which will help companies become more successful. One such direction is exposure to foreign markets via attendance to key tradeshows which will provide new customers to LA businesses. 

The Port of Los Angeles is the focal point of most of the export activities and is vital to the growth of our industry.


SoCal Aerospace Group is teaming with the LA Port and we are delighted that via this relationship we will have their participation and full support of the Expo activities to help our industry in ways which we will discuss later.

Aerospace & Defense Forum

The Aerospace and Defense Forum has chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Torrance, Phoenix, Dallas and Orange Country, in which we are part of the Steering Committee.


The forum provides a place for C-level management executives to network, discuss topics of mutual interest that do not belong in Sales or Manufacturing meetings as well as have tours of facilities such as C-17 production line, Edwards AFB, Northrop, etc. 

September 25th 2018 - Golf Classic at Los Verdes Sept. 26-27, 2018 Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center

Our Sponsors

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce champions economic prosperity and quality of life for the Los Angeles region by being the voice of business, promoting collaboration and helping members grow. The Chamber accomplishes this by focusing on the following areas: global trade, education & workforce development, innovation & technology, leadership and public policy. As the largest and most influential business association in L.A. County, the Chamber serves a diverse membership of businesses of every size, from nearly every industry, in every community across the region.

The LAEDC is a powerhouse of resources for companies to tap into. From Tax incentives to on-shoring benefits.


Working with folks from LAEDC and Jobs Defense Council allows us to better understand the available resources to companies and how best to deploy them on their behalf.


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