Frequently Asked Questions (TM)

1- How does this Expo differ from all other Tradeshows?

This is NOT just another Tradeshow. This is primarily an A&D B2B Matchmaking (Networking) Tradeshow and Conference. See Matchmaking for details.

   The Conference will also bring 12+ Executive Speakers over 2 days with topics critical to help the Supply Chain so that each participant can take home with them lots of valuable information on how to improve their bottom line in many of the roughly 12 topic tracks we will be covering.

If you want to know how to grow your business, be more profitable, and meet with dozens of potential new customers in pre-scheduled meetings, there is no other Expo like this one...

2- Are there other B2B Tradeshows?

   There are very few B2B Matchmaking Global Tradeshows in Aerospace and we are different because the SoCal Aerospace Expo emphasizes bringing business to SoCal Suppliers, including foreign "customers". Other Tradeshows encourage anyone to exhibit to sell the booth space but this hurts the local economy.  We are striving to grow the SoCal Aerospace economy, not the other way around.  This is one reason why we have the support of Primes.  While we will be honored to receive suppliers from over the pond to our Expo, SoCal needs to help itself first....

3- How much does Exhibiting cost?

All the costs of exhibiting can be found here.  

4- How much does the Conference and the Exhibit Hall cost to get in?

The cost of the Conference can be found here.

5- Do I need to Exhibit in a booth to set up appointments with Customers?

In order for anyone to request or accept an appointment, one of the two parties must have a booth. Since many OEMs and large customers will be in attendance without a booth, then it is up to the supplier wishing to meet with their buyers to have a booth. Two non-exhibitors will not be able to pre-arrange an appointment. So, in order to make the most of it, we encourage everyone to exhibit and thus be able to request and schedule meetings with anyone they wish.  


6- Will OEMs, Tier 1 or 2s have booths?

We encourage OEMs, Tier 1 & 2s to not exhibit and instead bring their buyers to meet with suppliers, thus making this Expo a "negligible cost" decision. The Expo will provide a VIP Lounge for them (no suppliers allowed) so they can hang out and relax between meetings. Some OEMs will have a booth in order to receive resumes, etc.

7- How do I know I will receive any business?

As with any tradeshow, there is no guarantee. However, our goal is for all exhibitors to get their monies worth several fold.  So we urge you to get prepared.  The more prepared exhibitors (having a good website, good product description, colorful handouts, give aways, etc. ) always attract more traffic and get better results. Additionally, we strongly encourage you to show off your products in a display case.  There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss technical aspects of your products with customers. And while most appointments are pre-arranged, there are some meetings that take place by someone walking by (the way other tradeshows take place) and this too can be fruitful, but we consider this gravy. 


8- Do I need a website?

Customers will undoubtedly check out your site before confirming an appointment. If you do not have a good website, then we urge you to do so before the Expo so Customers will be able to  see the real you and make an informed decision.  Many times, companies think that "Customers know us already, we don't need a better website". But the truth is, a website is a reflexion of your company. So, an old website with vintage graphics could give a wrong impression of your capabilities.  That may be ok if you are selling antiques, but if you are in Aerospace, then customers expect high-tech.

9- What size of booth should I get?

A simple 10x10 booth is enough. But if you already have a 10'x20' display or larger then obviously use whatever size display you already have.  If you are trying to make a statement, and have a new product to launch, or if you plan to bring several people to the exhibit because you will not have travel expenses, then perhaps you may want to consider having a larger booth.  

10- Can I change the booth configuration shown on the website if I get a larger booth?

Yes. We are very flexible to customizing your size or shape of booth, provided it does not infringe on anyone else. Just talk to us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

11- How many people can I have at the booth?

All Standard Booths come with two Full Conferences (and Exhibits) passes and Premium Booths come with 4 Conference passes.  You may purchase additional tickets for the Conference or Exhibits as desired at a discount if you are an exhibitor.

12- What are the hours of the Exhibition and Conference?

The Exhibit Hall will be open from 9:00  AM to 6:30 PM on September 26th and from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM on September 27th.

The Conference will be open from 9am to noon and from 1:-00 pm to 4:30 pm on Wednesday September 26th and from 9:00 am to noon and 1:00 PM to 4:00 pm on Thursday September 27th.

   This will give several hours of no meetings so that everyone can be available to meet with suppliers without having a conference to attend to. But we encourage everyone to schedule meetings throughout the exhibit times to make the most of the Expo as not everyone will always be in meetings.  All booths must be removed on September 27th between 4PM and 8PM. There is a penalty for exhibitors who vacate early and surcharges incurred for late removals will be passed on. 

13- Who should attend the Conference and who should manage the booth?

    The conference is specifically geared for Owners, Presidents and Senior management. They are the ones who can benefit the most from the key topics of discussion to improve the effectiveness of their operations, understand the challenges of dealing with various customers, etc. There are some meetings that are geared for COOs, CIOs, CFOs, VP of Sales, etc.

    The booth however should be managed by the Owner, Sales people or Engineers in the case of technical products so that they can talk with buyers from Supplier Management. There will be opportunities for HR to receive resumes also. So we encourage you to be prepared to interview.

Because there has never been a Tradeshow like this ever in SoCal, and because it is local so no hotel or airfare is needed for local suppliers, we encourage everyone to attend to get the most benefit for your company.  

14- Do I need to have an expensive booth display?

Not at all, a simple pop-up display or table top is enough. And if you don't have one, we can suggest where you can get one in a short time frame and for a reasonable price or don't even worry about it. Some companies will just bring brochures and there will be a table with chairs and a sign at each booth, further reducing your cost.

15- What company is this Expo ideal for?

This Expo is ideal for all small and medium size Aerospace and Defense suppliers. The larger suppliers ($100M and up) should be bringing their buyers to support their supply chain and meet with OEMs. When companies reach this milestone, one can assume that they are doing many things right, are competitive and know how to earn business. But the reality is that the overwhelming majority of smaller suppliers in SoCal are not in this group and need help to grow, reduce their costs, get government help to export, understand why customers are not giving them business, find out about other government benefits and many other issues. The Conference is ideal for them to understand what are their barriers and how to remove them in order to grow.  

16- What if I need to show off a new product?

We have an opportunity at the lunch theater in the show floor dedicated for this reason. We encourage everyone that if they have a new product they want to launch (or has recently launched) to Showcase it at the Lunch Break and we can help set up a Demo at various times of the Expo. You will need to offer a "carrot" to the other attendees such as a "give away" so that they are insentivized to attend your product launch. Examples may be Golf Clubs, Apple Watch, Dinner tickets, etc.

There is a minimal cost to Showcase in the theater (for 30 minutes) and it is only available to Exhibitors.

17- How does the Expo support our Military?

We will always support our military. To that end, we will give free access to all uniformed military or those unemployed with VA credentials, so that they can be hired. And we encourage any company to hire VETs for their organizations. One example is we will be proactively seeking training (thru the Colleges) so that they are more employable and we can someday help reduce if not eradicate unemployed VETs.

18- What is the attire for the Conferences and Exhibits?

We ask that everyone dress in business casual or regular business attire (suit and tie). 

19- Will there be a place to put Job Openings for all to see?

Yes, we will have a board where anyone, particularly VETS walking thru will be able to find the job postings. We also encourage exhibitors to bring their HR personnel to be on hand at least one day to have informal interviews with potential candidates.

20- Is this show just for California manufacturers?

No, though it mainly started out that way... but since we have received lots of interest from US manufacturers outside of California, we felt this Expo is too important to not provide a place for other suppliers to benefit.   

So with this in mind, we ask that you seriously consider exhibiting/participating in this event and ideally take a brief moment now to confirm attendance by clicking here so that together we can help the supply chain for the benefit of the SoCal Economy and our beloved A&D industry as a whole.


We look forward to seeing you there.


SoCal Aerospace Expo (a division of SoCal Aerospace Group)

September 25th 2018 - Golf Classic at Los Verdes Sept. 26-27, 2018 Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center

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