Goals of Expo

Goals of the SoCal AeroExpo

According to a PWC report, SoCal has the undisputed largest Aerospace and Defense Cluster in the world. We have the most A&D Suppliers (and well over 2000 companies qualified to AS9100), the most A&D employees (over 200,000) and we are 2nd in A&D education. But our local industry is hurting due to several reasons.

So the purpose of the SoCal AeroExpo is several fold:

First, to unite and grow a divided A&D Supply Chain so that it can successfully compete globally.  We will do this by inviting to Los Angeles Commercial, Military and Space OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Distributors (domestic and foreign) to meet with local suppliers in B2B Matchmaking (prearranged) meetings (instead of expecting thousands of local suppliers to go find them).  Local suppliers will need to exhibit to pre-arrange and meet with customers at their booths. Large customers need not exhibit if they bring buyers to meet with suppliers at their booths and AeroExpo will provide a free VIP lounge for them.

Second, to train and improve our suppliers so that their costs are in line (or lower) than the market. We will do this by providing resources available to them (some paid by government) that will help them become more efficient, reducing cost, help them with Best Practices, Strategic Planning, Exporting, New Technologies and Teaming among many things (think of Lean on Steroids).  We will also bring Actionable Program Intelligence so that they can spread their overhead and connect suppliers to services (Accounting, Banking, Legal, etc.) so that they can make the right decisions and investments (to upgrade manufacturing capabilities) which in turn will make them even more profitable.

Third, we will help the workforce become more employable so that those unemployed can find jobs and be more productive for their employers, particularly VETS.  We will do this by identifying needs and providing training that is available to them and organizing key classes, in agreement with colleges, that will support the needs of suppliers.  VETS are ideally trained and perform well under pressure. But above all, we need to do this because it's the right thing to do...

Lastly, we will identify the industry challenges to growth so that in conjunction with other organizations, we can discuss them with City, State and Federal Government in order to remove barriers and dramatically improve the supplier costs  and minimize bureaucracy.

So with this in mind, we ask that you view www.SoCalAeroExpo.com, consider participating in this event and ideally take a brief moment now to confirm attendance by clicking here so that together we can help the supply chain for the benefit of the SoCal Economy and our beloved A&D industry as a whole.

We look forward to seeing you there.


SoCal AeroExpo (a division of SoCal Aerospace Group)

September 25th 2018 - Golf Classic at Los Verdes Sept. 26-27, 2018 Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center

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