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Below you will find some details and benefits of attending the SoCal Aerospace Expo.

SoCal has a giant supply chain, largely untapped due to many programs ending production. But the talent is still here, and in our genes. Southern California has the undisputed Largest Aerospace Industry Cluster in the World and is capable of increasing capacity, innovating new products and provide better value than most realize.  Let's remember that many historic programs started here...that's because SoCal has the talent (#1 in Employment), the capacity (#1 in quantity of Suppliers), the technical expertise (#2 in Education) and the fortitude needed to be among the best at what we do... and we can do even better when given a chance...  

So join us for excellent meetings with an experienced Supply Chain that will help you increase capacity at a value that is hard to beat... 

Networking B2B Matchmaking Meetings
OEMs do not need to exhibit, but may choose to do so to have a booth to provide info and product needs. All Suppliers (Exhibitors) are required to have a booth in order to request meetings with customers. And their detail profile along with product information, pictures or videos, etc. will be online in time for OEMs to review, approximately three weeks before the Expo.  And as an OEM, you may be granted a conference room free of charge (able to hold 100+ people theatre style, while they last) to hold private meetings with Suppliers during select times. At other times, you will meet with suppliers at their booths.  And you will always have the ability to either invite a supplier to meet with you or accept an invite from them, your choice. So there is never any pressure so every one can be as social or selective as your personal requirements allow.  Come and see why 84% of survey respondents agree that this Expo is needed...your programs will be better off.
Conference Speakers
Our Speakers will bring the latest information on topics specially designed to fill the needs of the audience as selected by a team of Aerospace Professionals who were carefully selected to help the Expo. Whether it be training for suppliers to understand how to improve performance, how to reduce cost, what it takes to get approved at foreign OEMs, what is the market potential for new programs?, what new technologies will affect me and when?, how do I get my fair share of government work?, why do I not get the business?, and so much more.
Additionally, let us know if you would like a specific topic discussed to inform suppliers and we will accomodate you.  
So join us for the best of the best in what our industry needs at a time when our industry needs to stick together...
The Heller Group, Inc.
VIP Lounge Area
We recognize that as an OEM, you will not need to exhibit, so we will provide a Private VIP Lounge area for all OEMs to share and relax when not meeting with Suppliers.
This area with private meeting rooms will allow you to unwind with gourmet coffee during the expo when not meeting, catch up on emails as necessary, and somewhere in between, help yourself to some timely appetizers and refreshments during various times of the Expo.
Networking Reception
During the Wednesday night of the Expo, we will have a Networking Reception for all OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 VIPs to Network and have a chance to meet in a less formal environment, and enjoy an excellent meal with ALL other guests. We encourage you to get to know others, as they would truly like to get to know you..
This reception is Sponsored by several manufacturers to be determined...
The SoCal Legacy Continues... Our Experienced Supply Chain and workforce is still here... 5,000+ companies and 200,000+ A&D employees looking to the future and beyond...
What can SoCal do for you? 



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