Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit

Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit at the Expo:

Below you will find the top reasons anyone should exhibit. Just the first 3 should be enough to warrant your attention and registration, but we want to make sure you agree with all we are doing for you so please read thoroughly and you be the judge...

1- We are a SoCal (local) A&D Tradeshow and Conference requiring NO TRAVEL expenses. The expenses saved (airfare, hotels, meals and car rental) of one person will easily pay for the exhibit/participating cost.

2- Just a single Networking appointment can pay for the cost if you do your homework and prepare, because you should advance the discussion during the 3 weeks prior to the Expo and bring to the Expo what is needed to finalize the discussion and thus one subsequent visit is avoided (saving $$).

3- Pre-arrange meetings with new customers that are unknown, difficult or impossible to meet with otherwise. This is not hoping someone walks by your booth, this is deliberate scheduled meetings to engage in business.

4- Many Prospects will be in attendance to meet with "exhibitors".  If you just "walk the Expo", you will miss out on other exhibit attendees. Only as an exhibitor can you schedule meetings with other exhibitors and Exhibit attendees. 

5- Learn about and discuss new technologies that will either help you or jeopardize your future. If the latter, you can plan to do something about it... Having sample cases at your booth will allow you to enter into detail discussions with technical exhibitors who can advance your discussions about the viability of your product manufacturing. Think about 3D printing, can it help you or bury you (if your competitors embraced it and you don't...). And make no mistake, 3D printing has arrived...

6- Get your company in front of the right buyers and understand their needs. With technical folks on hand, sometimes a picture or part is worth a thousand words. Meeting with them, discussing alternatives, issues, etc. can be very valuable and help you be proactive to get the next PO. 

7- Find other companies (and competitors) to potentially acquire to grow your business.

8- Get to be known so that you are able to cash out when you are ready, and find out about what it will take to prepare to sell your business. It takes 3-5 years of planning to maximize your sale price. Are you getting prepared...or waiting for the last minute...?

9- If you haven't exhibited before, doing so at a local Expo is the least expensive way and the cost savings will allow you to afford getting a low cost exhibit display, which we can help you get (though one is not really needed).  Waiting for the phone to ring is no longer an option, we must all become proactive or miss out on opportunities.  If you want to grow, you must do things differently. This Expo will show you how...

10- These industry articles regarding Airbus issues, Airbus vs Boeing, Boeing Investment, Boeing Aftermarket and Boeing Job Shifts should further confirm that if SoCal A&D Suppliers are to survive, we will have to come together and do things very differently or suffer the inevitable...

OEMs are forced to do things differently in order to compete. Are you still trying to do things the same way? This Expo is the ultimate way of doing things differently and working as a team.  Our goal is to help suppliers lower their cost and bring back customers ... but you have to do the rest...

September 25th 2018 - Golf Classic at Los Verdes Sept. 26-27, 2018 Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center

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